Sunday, December 16, 2007

Xtreme Ignition

Product: Downloadable Java game
Provided By: Alten8 Limited
Category: Action, Sports, Racing
Audience: Everyone
Distribution: Free Ad-supported
Price: Totally Free!
In this 3D texture mapped game, you race against the best riders in the Black Hole Galaxy Gate, in the XTREME CHAMPIONSHIP of the year! To be the one, and succeed the existing champion Ahn Selis, the Silver Adder, you will have to race on many different tracks on the inhospitable planets of the Gate system. By winning races you earn more Goldans, which allows you to buy and upgrade your own ship!

The game features:

Futuristic Racing Game

3D Texture mapping to give a more immerse experience to the player

Real time weather effects

Race on many different planets within the game

Two different game modes , Arcade Mode , and Time-Attack Mode

Win races and upgrade to more powerful ships

Launch missiles to remove your opponents

Use boosts to improve your times

Jump over mines and opponents to avoid them

Another great Corelane Game bought to you by Alten8!


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