Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eliminator Elite

Product: Downloadable Java game
Provided By: condetsoft
Category: Shooter
Audience: Everyone
Distribution: Ads/FreePlay
Price: Totally Free!

When the situation is out of
control. And every effort that fail. We don’t have another choice. Except call
a man that can stop it. We don’t know, who he is. The code name is ELIMINATOR. As
The Eliminator you have freedom a building from terrorist. You don’t have any
choice except eliminate at all. You just have one enter point. The lift! Be
careful! They have dangerous guns. Do not gun down by them. And do not waste
your bullets and shoot the civilian. You will be eliminated if you gun down by
them or shoot the civilian three times. And you will be terminated too, if you
have no bullet. Good Luck!


·Cool graphics, smooth animations, and cool sounds
·Load and save game levels
·Many different enemies
·High score list


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