Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Product: Downloadable Java game
Provided By: HOVR
Category: Action, Shooter, Adventure
Audience: Everyone
Distribution: Free Ad-supported
Price: Totally Free!
Dr. Phlan, a mad man obsessed by the idea of controlling the world, has gathered a large army of a very sophisticated robots which he has invented himself. He also constructed a number of facilities to produce chemical weapons which he intends to use against who oppose his plans. Your task as a special forces member is to attack these facilities, destroy them and eliminate Dr. Phlan's robots before Dr. Plan can realize what is going on Game Play: During the game you will have five different missions to accomplish. Follow the missions and you should achieve the goal. In some of the missions you have to use a tank to attack others in a fierce battlefield. In some other cases you should use a helicopter to move across the river. Use your intuition as a soldier to achieve your goal. You have three types of weapons: Gun, Bazooka, and Grenade. While you ride a tank, then you can use its firing power. Sometimes you should use some oil The game is available for many Nokia, SonyEricsson, Samsung, and SonyEricsson handsets. We also support some Audiovox, LG handsets. There's also a 100% MIDP compatible version ready to be ported to other devices.

· '4' or 'LEFT': Move the player to the left.
· '6' or 'RIGHT': Move the player to the right.
· '5' or FIRE: Shoot.
· '2' or 'UP': Move the player forward.
· '8' or 'DOWN': Move the player backward.
· ‘1’: Move the player up and left.
· ‘3’: Move the player up and right.
· ‘7’: Move the player down and left.
· ‘9’: Move the player down and right.
· '0': Change the weapon that the player is using. You can switch between gun, bazooka, bombs and grenades.
· '*': Enable the player to get into or get out of a nearby vehicle. The vehicle can be a tanker or a helicopter.
· ‘#’: gets you to the main menu!


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