Saturday, November 3, 2007


Product: Downloadable Java game
Provided By: Paul's Freeware Collection
Category: Adventure
Audience: Everyone 10+
Distribution: Free Beta Version
Price: Totally Free!

This is the second beta of Zelda mobile.

The third beta of zelda mobile, will probably be the last demo before the complete game is released.. The design will feature much more open dungeons and more puzzles.. The release of this demo is still about 3 months away.. dungeon 4,5,6 will be included..
since so many ask about the "B" button, i use the standard gamebutton_B in java, and it is different on all phones...
on sonyericsson it is allmost always "7"
find any "B" button weapon (in the first dungon) and select it in the menu, and start trying buttons.. ;)
this will be changed in beta 3

Small Faq..
B button: different on all phones, no one except manufacturer knows..
Rupies: the room just above where you start, use bombs get big rupiebag..
raft: is not yet usable, but you can "walk" over to where dungeon 4 is supposed to be loading errors: most is missing pieces of map, intentionally left out..

PLEASE NOTE: The Current demo ENDS in a empty room across the water.. that is where dungeon 4 WILL be in demo 3 coming before x-mas..

This game is made for fun, and learning, and the full version will be free with no ads.. the full source might be made available for your amusement depending on its state and readability.

More info here:

To Mobile: Open on your mobile phone.
Use your mobile phone browser to enter the URL provided above. The best version of this free mobile game, Zelda, will be presented to you, and you will be asked if you wish to install it to your phone. Answer yes to each question. The free mobile game will then be installed on your phone. The installation is done "over the air" (OTA). Your phone company may charge you a small download fee (data charges). This is based upon your data plan; none of that money goes to us. Zelda is now ready to play! If you have any troubles, please let us know.

To PC: Installation files for SonyEricsson W950i. If this is not your phone, click here.
JAD file (zelda.jad)
JAR file (zelda.jar)
You may download Zelda to your computer now and install it to your phone later. To install this free mobile phone game to your phone, you will need either a data cable or wireless connectivity - like bluetooth, WIFI, or infrared. For more information, see this article.

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