Friday, November 16, 2007

Sigmore Mines

Product: Downloadable Java game
Provided By: KamilT
Category: Action, Strategy, Adventure
Audience: Everyone
Distribution: Free Trial/Demo
Price: Totally Free!
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This game is rogue-like with elements based on PC game "Diablo". You are in control of warrior, mage or archer. As you are descending deeper into the dungeon, you gain experience, became stronger, find new magical weapons. Read quest tomes which give you quests.

Game Features

* Random generated dungeon.
* Village at which you can buy/sell or identify items, restore health or liten to rumours.
* Gain experience and level up.
* Use magic.
* Find healing shrines and portals
* Wear armours, melee and distance weapons, rings, amulets.
* Game system
* Make use of weapon slots.
to village. with stats as : Melee Attack, Archery Attack, Defence, Magic, Vitality.


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