Monday, September 17, 2007

Mobile Style - The Fashion of Cell Phones and SMS

It's no secret that cell phones are the new fashion accessory. I find it
really interesting that a piece of technology has become so much a part of
our self-creation, because that is what syle is after all. Here is a look
into examples of the growing trend of mobile style.
Wired notes how cell phones leave "most other consumer electronics devices
in the dust" when it comes to fashion. It's the one accessory that goes with
you everywhere: from home, to work, to a night on the town. One article even
pinned cell phones as the new "bottled water" - think back to the time not
more than a year or two ago when everyone was carrying around a bottled
water on the streets. Cell phones are that new accessory. We've moved from
cigarettes to water to cell phones as the "cool" factor in fashion.
What started this trend? Well, some claim it started when changeable face
plates came out from Nokia in 1998. That was just the start of ringtones,
wallpapers, jewel charms, and phone purses. Think it's just isolated to us
girls? Think again. Our earlier post showed that guys were more interested
in syle than girls are when it comes to mobiles.
How much does celebrity endorsement influence your idea of which cell phone
is cool? Sales went up for the Sidekick model after the whole Paris Hilton
fiasco, even if this was not a direct endorsement. Or how about designer
endorsement? If a really crappy model of phone came out but was sold by
Gucci, would you buy it? Siemens tried to do couture, and it didn't work,
but that may just be too niche for demand to really grab hold of it. For
example, Motorola has released two phones from Baby Phat with $700 price
tags, and this is likely a better way to create that fashion cool with cell
Cell phones are making their way to the runways as acceptable fashion
accessories - kind of like the new bracelet or purse it would seem. John
Galliano showcased short jackets with cargo pockets on the sleeves at a
Spring fashion show this year - just goes to show that even those who wear
high fashion need to take along their phones with them! At the New York
Fashion Week, sponsor LG Mobile even exhibited cell phones as an art piece
at the show.
What is a cool phone? Here are some ideas: - slide out QWERTY - swivel screen - new cases - sleek/small - good functions - endoresement
What features do you think make a phone cool?
Now, what about using your phone - is that the part that is cool? Does
receiving a call, typing a text, or talking walkie talkie style into your
phone express style in and of itself? I think that it likely does. People
are not embarassed to talk on their phone in public - they walk around
loudly talking and gesturing as if this in itself showed their popularity.
An article in the New Yorker links the growing popularity of cell phones as
fashion items as a form of self-expression - "what you choose to tell the
world about yourself." I am really interested in how technology is being
integrated into self-expression. In one sense it shows our growing
dependence on technology, but in the other it may open us up to a whole new
way to express who we are. Our stock of available images, sounds, fashion
items is forever increasing, giving us more opportuntiy to develop our sense
of self and to express that in a unique way to the world. Even not using
your cell phone in public is a form of expression. Where a certain thing is
ubiquitous, such as cell phones and cell phone accessories, and yes even
text messaging, not to be a part of that "trend" is just as expressive as
contributing to it.



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